Amazon Prime Canada: Is is worth it?

A common question is: is Amazon Prime Canada worth it? It’s hard to say that, if you’re just using shipping, the answer is “yes”– However, I think that it goes beyond that as well. I mean, Amazon Prime Canada also offers a streaming service which is a lot like Netflix. Now, if you are ordering things online, and watching things online, this doubles down on the value for sure, and the Amazon Prime streaming service is, by all accounts, nearly as good or just as good as Netflix in a lot of ways. Now, if you’re competing with eBay and Netflix, you’re really getting somewhere. Where else is Amazon Prime going? Well, they offers cloud storage in a way that is similar to drop box, one of the most successful startups in modern memory, and they’ve also purchased Whole Foods. This means, of course, that they’re probably going to start teaming up with Whole Foods to add to the Amazon Prime system. This could be in grocery delivery or something along those lines, and with the best quality groceries, buy a chain at least, in the entire United States of America. So we’ll see how that transfers over to Canada, but I guess the point that I’m making is that Amazon Prime Canada will probably continue to adapt, as it has, adding more and more and more, until it is difficult or impossible to argue its value to the consumer.  In general, it’s not very different than Dropbox, which is just another big-name that Amazon is now emulating and competing with in the global market, with a very diverse and different service than what you would expect from what them to give you. To me, this is also encouraging because I think that this is going to be a model for how Amazon Prime continues to operate in the future. Which is that I think that they are going to continue to add all sorts of different services and continue to diversify the effect that they can have on people.



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