Choosing the Best Keyword for App Store Rankings

Choosing the Best Keyword for App Store Rankings


Keywords are one of the basic elements that affect the app store rankings more than any other element. It is an admitted fact that ranking of apps is directly related with their titles. The catchier the title is; the higher will be the ranking of the app. Therefore, the selection of keywords is the basic task that a developer or the app stores have to make. The right decision can earn them a lot, whereas, a wrong decision can lead them to failure. There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind while choosing the right keyword for the success of apps. Some of these elements are:

  1. Relevance
  2. Search Popularity
  3. Rankings
  4. Updating and Monitoring


The first and the most important thing that should be kept in mind, while selecting the keyword for your app, is its relevancy with the app. The developer knows well the functionality of the app and, therefore, he should take into consideration and select the most relevant keyword. Moreover, the rate of conversion should be always good because the ranking also demands the high conversion rate of the keyword.

2-Search Popularity

The second thing that weighs a lot in keyword selection is the popularity of the keyword in respect of search. The keyword with popular search option tends to impress the user a lot and motivates him to download the app. This decision gets more weight when the developer is confused with the two same keywords in respect of relevance and rankings. When this situation confronts you, always go for the option with maximum number of searches.


Another important factor that effects the keyword selection is the ranking and competition of the keyword with other keywords. The keyword with higher ranking will help the user to make a right choice in downloading the apps. Higher ranking is also important because the user usually do not go to the bottom line to select the keyword. Instead, he always wants to choose between the first five ranks.

5-Updating and Monitoring

The next thing to keep in mind during selection of keywords is its tendency to be updated and monitoring. Here, one thing should be kept in mind that to gain competitive advantage, the keyword should be regularly monitored and, if needed, should be updated at regular intervals.

To sum up, it can easily be said that keyword is of prime importance in app store rankings and should always be relevant, unique, and short.


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