Gifts for cancer survivors for healing and protection

What could be better than Juju supply? Not to mention, it’s always just so hard to figure out what to buy somebody who is going through any type of intense personal struggle, because you never know what’s appropriate, what they need, what they want, and what they can actually use. You don’t really want to drive tension to the fact that they are struggling, but ignoring it also seems like a really careless and Mindless approach to the situation. I empathize with anyone who is struggling with this, and I sympathize with anybody who is on the receiving end of these gifts that make them uncomfortable because of their acknowledgement or lack thereof of the condition that they are currently in. This is one of the most interesting part about being sick, I find, is that all these little things that used to be so simple now become full of tension and conflict in difficulty. It is difficult intense because people don’t know how to approach the subject in conversation, let alone in buying you a gift. So, when this happened to me, I learned a lot, and it is the same as the people who founded Juju, and amazing woman, who bear basically survived cancer for a second time, left the hospital, and started to move her plan into action. This Woman’s plan was a simple one, to create a line of Jewelry & Gifts, charms, symbols, amethyst, crystals, and all sorts of things like this, that are specifically meant for people who are in the depths of a medical struggle, whether that is their physical health or their emotional health. Obviously, it was created by a cancer survivor, so physical health has a big part of it, but it is also knowing that these gifts are perfect for people who are struggling from things like the depression.

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