Innovative transportation

When I will move to Berlin, I will not be taking public transit as much as I thought I would be. I’ll be buying a vehicle. No, I must say, it’s not a vehicle you probably heard of. It’s an elektroroller made by UNU . I know what you’re thinking, electric scooter, isn’t that a little cliche or strange? If this is your opinion, I understand, but the electric scooter made by UNU is totally different. First of all, they don’t even make the scooter until you place an order. You can choose your colors and which engine you want. Once you place your order, it goes into production at the beginning of the next week, and it is done quite shortly. Then, they deliver that scooter right to your door in a box. Once you open that box, is simply slap on the license plate and you’re ready to drive around the city. And it isn’t mostly a city vehicle, I don’t see it being very well outside of the city, but I’m not moving to Berlin to drive around the country, I’m moving there because it’s a city that excites me. What I love is the fact that I’ll be able to explore in a way that is quick, but that does not pollute the environment. Each battery runs for about 50 kilometers on every charge and it only takes 5 hours to charge. The bike has enough room for two batteries, so you can do about a hundred kilometers at a time, and then only charged for five hours. I think that’s amazing. I can charge when I go to bed and then wake up and do another hundred kilometers over the next few days. And trust me, I heard kilometers in a city is a whole lot more than you might be imagining. Anyway, I can’t wait to order mine. I’ve already started wondering about what colors I’ll go with. UNU has made something that will make my experience much better.




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