So, I’ve lived in Raleigh for some time now. Decades in fact

So, I’ve lived in Raleigh for some time now. Decades in fact. There are lots of things that I love about living in this area. I’ve lived all over the country and Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina have made and continue to make as good of an impression as any other region in this great country of ours. Although I love a lot of great things about this city, my favorite thing about the area has to be the golf. I have loved golf for as long as I remember. There is nothing that I love more than golf, as far as leisure activities go at least. Recently, I have begun to wonder, what the best Raleigh Golf Course is.

In my search, I have gone to all sorts of websites and blogs, searching for what others believe the best Raleigh golf course is.  What I have found is that there is not a clear consensus, even on websites like RaleighFive there is no clear winner as far as golf courses in this region or City. So, dear reader, I ask you to contribute your input to the discussion. Do you have a favorite golf course in this area, if you do, what is it? Please, let me know. I think I know what my favorite is but it is hard to choose. If I get enough responses on this article, I will certainly share with you what my favorite is. But, until then, I will not. Thank you in advance for contributing to this discussion. I am sure that by furthering this dialogue we will come to a consensus on what the best course or courses in the area actually are. I truly do look forward to learning what you think! It should make for an interesting discussion!.

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