The rise of modern photography and its advantage

A lot of people will point to the amount of specificity that you can engage with when you’re using a DSLR, switching lenses and things like that. I agree that that is a massive benefit, but it’s definitely not one that everyone can afford. In fact, not even a smartphone or a mobile devices a luxury that everyone can afford, but I think that it would be more of an achievable goal to say that we want to get cell phones with photography filters and apps, rather than  cameras and photography gear. At this point, I think this is just the more realistic and pragmatic approach, with a more utilitarian purpose, and more of a chance of achieving that goal. But, that is also just my opinion on the matter, certainly not fact. Look, I’m not sure what to do with this information either, things have changed in the continued to change fast. However, I don’t think that objecting to this progress would be a good idea. I think the photography is a great resource for people, on a personal and professional level, and I think that creating more apps and things like that is a really good idea. If you are not using photography apps, I really suggest that you give it a shot. There are lots of fun, and they provide a lot of benefit for a lot of people. I mean, why not? Your cell phone has a great camera on it, if it is any camera that has been made in the last couple of years, at least. And, sites like Instagram allow you to publish these and share them in a way that integrates with your social media branding and personality. That’s my current view on modern  Photography today.

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